Recycled Plastic Shed Base

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These Recycled Plastic Shed Bases are intended to protect your shed from rot by raising it off the ground while allowing water to drain through and air to circulate underneath. Choose a base that most closely fits your shed footprint or larger if you wish.  These grids link together forming a strong open structure.  Our grids will support 16 tonnes axle weight or up to 250 tonnes per square meter and are often used as ground reinforcement and drainage for car parking areas, temporary access roads and pathways.

Extra Information

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10ft x 10ft (100 panels), 10ft x 4ft (40 panels), 10ft x 6ft (60 panels), 10ft x 8ft (80 panels), 12ft x 10ft (120 panels), 12ft x 12ft (144 panels), 12ft x 6ft (72 panels), 12ft x 8ft (96 panels), 14ft x 8ft (112 panels), 5ft x 4ft (20 panels), 6ft x 3ft (18 panels), 6ft x 4ft (24 panels), 6ft x 6ft (36 panels), 7ft x 5ft (35 panels), 8ft x 4ft (32 panels), 8ft x 6ft (48 panels), 8ft x 8ft (64 panels)

Key Advantages

  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Designed to improve air flow or water drainage
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight for rapid installation
  • Can be cut to size with a handsaw
  • Can be recycled or reused for a replacement shed


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