Recycled Plastic Wood/Log Store Unit

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Most wood stores eventually end up on the fire with the wood, and as they are outside 24/7 that isn’t surprising. This Wood store is made from Plastic Wood that never rots, insects don’t eat it and it doesn’t entertain mould. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly being made from recycled CD cases.

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A Maintenance-free Wood Store Made from Recycled Plastic

No one maintains wood stores do they, so they rot and mould away fairly quickly and you throw it on the fire with the wood.

This recycled plastic wood store is different from all the rest.

It’s made entirely from 100% recycled plastic from crushed CD cases, old coat hangers and contact lens cases that would otherwise end up incinerated or thrown into landfill.

This Plastic Wood will never rot, insects will not eat it, and mould cannot get a hold.

You will only buy this wood store once in a lifetime, and it will always look presentable and serve it’s purpose untarnished for decades.

UV Stable to the highest levels, so fading is minimal.

Weight 34kgs

Extra Information

Weight N/A



Mahogany, Oak


(H)1000 x (W)1000 x (D)530mm

Key Advantages

  • Will not rot, crack, warp or splinter
  • Completely impervious to water, frost, ice, insects and fungi – Keeping your wood safe and dry
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • UV protected against fading

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