Recycled Plastic Garden Bench with Backrest | Ribble
Colour: Nut Brown,  Dimensions: (L)1500 x (W)600 x  (H)900mmColour: Nut Brown,  Dimensions: (L)1800 x (W)600 x  (H)900mmColour: Black,  Dimensions: (L)1500 x (W)600 x  (H)900mmColour: Black,  Dimensions: (L)1800 x (W)600 x  (H)900mm

Recycled Plastic Garden Bench with Backrest | Ribble

£570.00 inc. VAT
(£475.00 Exc. VAT)

The Ribble benches are extremely robust recycled plastic benches, made from the type of waste plastic we all put in our recycling bins. This 4 seater garden bench is equally at home in a country park as it is in a private garden. It will never rot, never need paint and is too heavy to blow away or steal. Graffiti can be removed with WD40 and some wire wool. Park benches of this type are no maintenance and never need replacing.



Ideal for gardens, parks, playgrounds or any where in need of a bench that has the appearance of wood, but can last for decades.

Because this bench is made from recycled plastic; the rate of deterioration is very slow and the first signs are predicted to show in about a century from now. We feel this is a better way to make use of waste plastic that would normally end up in landfill.

It doesn't rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter and has the highest level of UV protection.

This is a beautiful Eco-friendly, no maintenance, easy to clean bench that will stay looking as new as the day you bought it decades from now.

Available in Nut Brown and Black with a textured wood-like finish.

Extra Information

Dimensions:  (L)1500 x (W)600 x (H)900mm, (L)1800 x (W)600 x (H)900mm
Weight:  90kg
Colour:  Black, Nut Brown

Key Advantages

  • Easy to clean
  • UV protected
  • No toxic chemical embedded
  • Very robust
  • Won't rot, crack, chip or splinter
  • Frost proof
  • Insects and fungus proof
  • Cheaper than wood in the long run
  • Eco-friendly

Technical Specifications

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