Recycled Plastic Vs Wood

Not sure about recycled plastic? Still need some convincing? Here we pitch wood vs recycled plastic and show you the key benefits of choosing this eco-friendly alternative.



Cost/Time Savings

Recycled plastic also offers cost savings when compared to wood. The zero maintenance also means less time spent on repair work or replacement.

  • Recycled plastic furniture can last 50 years or more without maintenance
  • Recycled plastic products are cheaper in the long run compared to wood products due to no maintenance costs.
  • Recycled Plastic doesn't rot, crack or splinter and lasts at least 5 times longer than treated wood.
  • Recycled plastic is also insect proof, meaning you don’t need to deal with woodworm issues.
  • With wooden decking and outdoor furniture, maintenance is often required annually and replacement every 7 years.
  • Most wooden decking needs maintenance in as little as 2 years.
  • The slightly higher initial price of recycled products is quickly returned through long term savings in maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Survey by Gardening Express found that we renew our decking six times during our lifetimes at the average total cost of around £9,000.


Recycled Plastic vs Wood WRAP cost comparison study graph


Look and Appearance

Recycled plastic maintains it's appearance for much longer than wooden alternatives. 

  • The finished product looks great for a lifetime.
  • High levels of UV protection mean fading is only around 5% over 10 years
  • With recycled plastic decking, algae is highly unlikely.
  • Recycled plastic is also a lot more vandal proof, can’t be kicked in or damaged as easily as wood



Eco/Environmental Benefits

Choosing recycled plastic over wood or new plastic offers a multitude of benefits for the environment.

  • Recycled plastic uses 66% less energy than new plastic.
  • Recycled plastic can be recycled again, so stays out of landfill even after use.
  • Makes use of waste plastic such as packing materials, plastic cups, milk bottles, CD cases, old buckets, coat hangers and polystyrene.
  • Can help prevent trees from being chopped down, helping retain forests and natural woodlands.



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