Golf Course Marker Post - Recycled Plastic Wood
Colour: RedColour: YellowColour: BlueColour: White

Golf Course Marker Post - Recycled Plastic Wood

£9.59 inc. VAT
(£7.99 ex. VAT)

Available in 4 bright, highly visible colours. They're maintenance free and made from recycled plastic.

Dimensions:  (L)600 x (W)38 x (D)38mm
Metal Spike: (L)200mm

SKU:  GOLF0001


These golf course marker posts have the highest level of UV protection in direct sunlight and will stay looking new for longer - making them just as visible in years to come as the day you bought them. They're colourfast and no toxic chemicals are embedded in. They're made from recycled CD cases so are very eco friendly. They wont rot, warp or crack and can hold their own against frost, insects, water and fungus Each Marker post has a 200 mm steel pin protruding from the bottom. This provides stability while allowing simple removal for repositioning or mowing.

Available in various colours that are highly visible and will stay that way for longer.

Extra Information

Dimensions  (L)600 x (W)38 x (D)38mm + Spike (L)200mm
Weight  0.5kg
Colour  Blue, Red, White, Yellow

Key Advantages

  • UV protected - minimal fading in the sun
  • Colourfast - no toxic chemicals embedded
  • Made from recycled CD cases so very eco-friendly
  • Doesn't attract insects or fungus
  • Doesn't absorb moisture
  • Frost proof
  • Will not rot, warp, crack or splinter
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