Recycled Plastic Decking 120 x 20mm x 3m

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Black, Mahogany, Oak
3.60 kg

This is the kind of decking you have dreamed of. No maintenance required and keeps on looking good for decades without a single coat of paint or varnish. Use for caravan decking, and home landscape decking.
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Kedel's Recycled Plastic Wood or Synthetic Wood
100% Recycled British Plastic

Synthetic wood from Kedel is made entirely from recycled polystyrene sourced in the UK. It is not a composite product so there are no sawdust fillers to absorb moisture, and it will not be affected by frost. Nor will it rot or get eaten by insects. It's a no maintenance product needing no painting or varnishing, is UV stable, does not split or crack, is slip resistant, splinter free so great if you have children crawling on it, and will look great for 50+ years.

We had a show at 'Grand Designs Live' in Birmingham recently where we displayed this synthetic wood decking. There was a few metres of synthetic wood decking with some of our benches and tables sitting on it. These were also made of the same material.

Although we had recycled plastic wood and recycled British plastic products written all over the walls, when people stopped to talk they seemed genuinely surprised when we explained that what they were looking at was not in fact wood, but recycled plastic. There was a lot of interest in the decking, and one lady who called on us had already had it down for over 7 years.

I asked her how it was wearing.

"It's not wearing at all" she said, "and new visitors keep admiring our lovely wooden decking, not realising it has been there for 7 years, and isn't wood."

"What about green mould?"

"We did have some eventually," she said, "but I just washed it off very easily with soapy water and a mob and bucket and it looked like new again."

"Does it change at all?" I queried.

"Well just a little bit," she said. "It goes very slightly lighter after about 5 years and weathers to a more matt like finish, which actually makes it look even more like wood."

It's great to find that our products perform just as well in practise as they should.

Recycled plastic decking made from this Synthetic Wood is a fantastic product that will pay for itself many times over in maintenance and replacement savings.

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Black, Mahogany, Oak
Key Advantages

Key Advantages

Decking that looks like real wood but performs like plastic. No maintenance requirements. Use for home and caravan decking. Non slip characteristic great for children and splinter free protecting tiny hands. The alternative is mixed plastic decking which has many of the same advantages and comes in longer lengths.
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