Recycled Plastic Wood - 120 x 20mm
Colour: OakColour: MahoganyColour: Black
Colour: WhiteColour: Anthracite Grey

Recycled Plastic Wood - 120 x 20mm

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Used for our own raised beds and planters as well as for general outdoor building applications. Water and frostproof. The appearance of wood with all the advantages of plastic.

SKU:  SYNWD00026


Maintenance free wood

Do yourself a favour. The next time you want to make something that will be outside and continually exposed to British weather, use recycled plastic wood.

We use this particular profile to make raised beds and planters.

The construction and building industry use or for general use where a wood appearance is preferable, but the durability of plastic is needed.

Our recycled plastic wood has the aesthetics of wood but all the advantages of plastic.
  • It never rots, so no toxic preservative or painting is ever needed
  • It doesn't absorb moisture and is therefore immune to winter frost
  • It doesn't crack or splinter, so little hands are safe from harm
  • It is UV protected so doesn't fade and the colour is added during manufacture and will never need renewing
  • It's hygienic, as there is no grainy fibre for bacteria to hide in and you can disinfect thoroughly if needed

We think the maintenance free character of this product makes it the ideal replacement for wood.

The more of it we use the more waste plastic is kept out of landfill.

We need your help to grow this business and help the planet recover from the damage caused by our consumption of carbon fuels.

Production of recycled plastic is much less energy hungry than producing virgin plastic and produces 250% less green house gas in the form of carbon dioxide.

So help the planet and help yourself with a product that will save you time and money - minimising your maintenance and replacement costs for outdoor garden products
and anything else where wood is normally used in damp or wet conditions.

Extra Information

Dimensions  (L)1900 x (W)120 x (D)20mm, (L)2000 x (W)120 x (D)20mm, (L)3000 x (W)120 x (D)20mm, (L)3200 x (W)120 x (D)20mm, (L)3600 x (W)120 x (D)20mm
Shipping info  REDUCE YOUR DELIVERY COST. Have your lumber cut. Small orders in lengths up to 1.5 metres and weight total less than 30 kg will be cheaper than our standard delivery. Call 01282 861325 to check before ordering. We return calls same day.
Weight  2.7kg
Colour  Black, Oak, Mahogany, White

Key Advantages

  • Raised beds
  • Planters
  • General building and construction
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Rot proof
  • Insect proof
  • UV protected against fading
  • Never needs painting
  • Very long life
  • Hygienic - easily cleaned
  • No splinters
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