Recycled Plastic Wood - Colours - 100 x 40mm
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Recycled Plastic Wood - Colours - 100 x 40mm

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Can be used for picnic tables, benches and anywhere bright colours are warranted, along with the grained look and feel of real painted wood. The only difference is that this wood will never need paint and will never rot

SKU:  SYNWD00035


Wood is Good, Recycled Plastic Wood is Even Better

rotten wooden picnic table
Rotten Wood Picnic Tables should be a thing of the past

Wood is beautiful... but not for very long. Exposure to the elements soon exposes its weaknesses.

Wood rots, even when treated with preservatives, even if you paint or varnish every year.

You could put it in the shed or cover it, but that's a bit of a phaff.

We found a solution by recycling waste plastic into new products.

Our multicoloured 100 x 40mm is used in making picnic tables and benches.

The colour is mixed into plastic planks during manufacture, together with the highest level of UV protection to reduce fading.

And we can make it look like any kind of wood too.

Our plastic wood has the same density and weight of some South American hard woods.

In 2015 it won best recycled plastic product at the MRW national recycling awards.

Our multicoloured range is ideal for bright attractive furniture for children and we can match any RAL colour to fit in with team colours for sporting clubs.

Kedel's 100 x 40mm Plastic Wood has a multitude of uses and is not only eco-friendly but saves you money on maintenance and replacement costs for decades.

Extra Information

Dimensions  (W)100 x (D)40 x (L)2000mm, (W)100 x (D)40 x (L)2400mm, (W)100 x (D)40 x (L)3000mm
Shipping info  REDUCE YOUR DELIVERY COST. Have your lumber cut. 60p inc VAT per cut. Small orders in lengths up to 1.5 metres and weight total less than 30 kg may be cheaper than our standard delivery. Enter cutting specifics in the \'order notes\' area during checkout.
Weight  4.7kg
Colour  Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Key Advantages

Suggested usage:
  • Picnic tables
  • Benches
  • Anywhere bright colours and the look and feel of wood is needed
  • Looks and handles like wood - same density and weight as some South American hard woods
  • Long life- does not rot
  • No painting ever required
  • UV protected against colour fading
  • Frost, water and insect proof
  • Splinter free
  • Green eco-friendly
  • Made from plastic waste collected in the UK
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