Recycled Plastic Wood Square Post 88 x 88mm

(£140.88 Inc. VAT)
(L)2400 x (D)88 x (W)88
Black, Mahogany, Oak, White
11.88 kg

These recycled plastic posts are made to last and will never rot. Recycled Plastic will last at least 5 times longer than treated wood without maintenance. Use instead of wood for long term cost savings and low carbon footprint.

Product Description


A Recycled Plastic Wood Post will last 5 times longer than treated wood and probably much longer than that.

Plastic waste, when disposed of in landfill, takes a long time to breakdown. Incineration of plastic emits carcinogens and CO2 into the air.

Scientists say that the recycled polystyrene, the material used to manufacture this post, takes around 450 years to break down.
This is an estimate only, but it's definitely a very long time.

As a building and construction material this is a great asset since it offers a long term maintenance-free life.

No replacement materials and no associated labour costs for maintenance and replacement translates in savings of up to 100% on maintenance bills.

Using recycled plastic instead of traditional materials is a no brainer from a purely economic standpoint and it will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of any building project.

If you're in construction and quoting for a government or institutional projectåÊthese are strong selling points, with sustainability and issues with plastic waste high on government agendas.

Going forward use of recycled plastic help will meet European and UK goals for sustainability.

100% recycled and recyclable.

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(L)2400 x (D)88 x (W)88
Black, Mahogany, Oak, White
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