Steel Gates inset with Recycled plastic Tongue and Groove

Richard Senior from Heckmondwyke in Yorkshire refurbished his steel framed gates using an infill of recycled plastic tongue and groove instead of wood.

Richard came and collected lengths of our synthetic wood Tongue and Groove boards and used his own woodworking tools to do the job.

They will last at least 5 times longer than treated wood so the whole life cost is actually much less than wood. (see WRAP Cost Comparison Study)

It looks beautiful as you can see below.

The family Doberman, 'Bonny', is looking very proud of herself posing for this photo, and no doubt thinking how well it matches her own outfit!

Richard's wife Marcia says: "We've been looking for this material for quite a while and were delighted to find Kedel. The gates are much better and stronger than anything we've had there before", she says, "including wrought iron throughout (which caused a lot of barking by Bonny as she could see people passing by easily), and various types of wood and cladding infill.

"We won't have to paint them, and they aren't as heavy, so they hang well and will last a lot longer".

Steel gates infilled with recycled plastic wood tongue and groove oak profiles