Recycled Mixed Plastic BOLLARD DOMED TOP 150mm dia

Recycled Mixed Plastic BOLLARD DOMED TOP 150mm dia

£78.06 inc. VAT
(£65.05 ex. VAT)

As Hard as Concrete. Perfect Bollard Material for all environments.

SKU:  8500029


Built to last decades!

Recycled Plastic Bollards are build to last.

Unlike metal, Recycled Plastic does not rust or show any sign of deterioration over time.

Unlike concrete, Recycled Plastic is not susceptible to cracking. It absorbs zero moisture.

Using Recycled Plastic also creates positive environmental opportunities as the material is made from a combination of recycled HDPE and LDPE (such as milk bottle cartons, old buckets and paint trays), things which would otherwise be dumped to sit in landfll for hundreds of years.

Recycled Plastic Bollards possesses all the advantages and none of the disadvantages that you consider when buying a concrete or metal bollard.

Grab yours today and save money for decades to come.

Extra Information

Dimensions  (D)150 x (L)1500
Weight  25kg
Colour  Black, Brown, Grey

Technical Specifications

Read our Recycled Mixed Plastic Spec For Kedel Robust
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