Getting Your Garden Ready For Guests

As we’re likely to be allowed to host friends and family in our gardens again in the coming weeks, your garden must be ready for guests to gather.

With the date of March 29th set for the easing of rules currently restricting us from socialising in private gardens, there’s plenty of time to organise your garden and carry out those last-minute finishing touches to ensure your garden is ready to play host.

With social distancing measures still in place when we’re allowed to host, it’s vital that all rules are adhered to and that your garden can be a socially distanced safe space.

Today, we’re sharing some tips on how you can get your garden ready for guests this spring, all while making sure it’s a safe and sustainable place to be.


Restore or replace old garden furniture 

If you have wooden garden furniture and it’s been sitting outside all winter, you’re likely going to have to do an extensive amount of cleaning, restoring and renovating before it’s back to a high standard.

Not only might it look bad, but if rot has taken hold then it’s likely that your furniture is now too dangerous to use. If you can spot any sign of rot or deterioration in your wooden furniture, chances are it’s not as safe to use as it once was.

To prevent having to do any work on wooden garden furniture, recycle your current furniture and replace it with eco-friendly garden furniture made from recycled plastic.

Including everything from recycled plastic chairs to recycled plastic fencing, Kedel offers an extensive range of recycled plastic garden furniture that’s designed to last a lifetime.

With wooden outdoor furniture, maintenance is required at least once a year, with a full replacement usually needed just every 7 years. However, replacing this furniture with recycled plastic furniture means that your furniture will last 50 years, and will be completely resistant to rot, splintering and other signs of obvious wear.

Comparing a wooden garden bench and a recycled plastic bench from Kedel, you can clearly see the benefits of opting for recycled plastic materials instead of wood:

treated tanalised wooden bench that has rotten over time recycled plastic bench that will never rot by kedel



Create a space for entertaining

While social distancing, it’s vital that you have a space in your garden where you can entertain with the likes of a barbecue and outdoor dining area. 

Installing decking is a good way to create a sturdy space that can be used for entertainment, socialising and playing if you have children or pets. Place some recycled plastic decking for decking that’s durable, slip-proof and good for the environment.

If decking isn’t your thing, you could always opt for gravel or concrete, creating a hard flooring that won’t be dirty like the likes of grass and mud.

When creating a space, making sure it’s well-landscaped is important in ensuring that your garden looks professional. Using recycled plastic palisades, eco fencing and edging in your garden allows you to create separate spaces and designated entertainment areas, as well as other areas for relaxing.


Maintain your outdoor furniture all year long

When thinking about how you maintain your outdoor furniture, considering what material it’s made from is important as it can heavily affect the time and money needed to keep it well-maintained.

Wooden outdoor furniture will need maintenance after each season, while recycled plastic furniture will be okay left out all year round, with minimal cleaning needed to keep it in tip-top condition.

To see just how easy it is to clean outdoor furniture from Kedel, take a look at our video now. 

Similarly, wooden garden furniture needs to be covered or taken inside during winter, however, recycled plastic does not. 

Whatever materials you have in your garden, ensuring they’re always maintained makes them permanently ready for use, and getting them ready now will make sure you’re prepared for the easing of UK restrictions.


Tidy it up

From dead plants to patchy grass, your garden is likely to be facing the effects of winter. Before guests arrive, clear out dead flowers and plants, clean up pavements and decking, rid the lawn of any debris and make sure fencing and gates are tidy and functioning.

Browse our full range of recycled plastic products at Kedel today, and discover a truly extensive collection of furniture and recycled building materials now. 

Keep an eye on our blog for more helpful guides and advice when it comes to your garden.