Ground Reinforcement Grids | Permeable Paving Mesh

Ground Reinforcement Grids | Permeable Paving Mesh
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A Ground Reinforcement Alternative to Asphalt or Paving? Here it is!

Kedel’s Drainage and Ground Reinforcement Solution. DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION GUIDE
This system provides an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to asphalt or paving solutions

 Ground Reinforcement Grids
Eco Paving 
Permeable Paving
Recycled Plastic Ground Drainage Solution


KEDEL-DGR reinforces ground and provides robust hard standing for vehicles or other regular traffic, while allowing drainage and avoiding runoff.

Besides the usual term, 'Drainage and Ground Reinforcement Grids', it can also be known as Porous Paving, Permeable Paving, Sustainable Path Drainage, Cellular Paving, Driveway Reinforcement, Ground Stabilisation Grids, Matrix Paving, Gravel Protection or Gravel Migration Protection, Grass Reinforcement, Turf Reinforcement Mesh, Source Control Grids, Geo-Matrices, Grass Grids, Soil Reinforcement, Soil Migration Prevention, or Ground Reinforcement Grids, and there are numerous other expressions.

It basically boils down to this - a means to keep the ground together when you are parking, riding, walking, or working on it, or if you simply wish the soil to stay put for other reasons.

How does it work?

Kedel’s DGR grids are designed to improve water drainage and stop or prevent ground erosion, whether from walking, cycling, vehicles, animals or land migration. The tough, durable interlocking grid system is designed to provide ground reinforcement, turf protection and erosion control. It provides ease of access for emergency vehicles, and because it is self draining, it avoids run off charges from water utilities, PLUS it doesn’t require planning permission!

What’s it made from?

Kedel’s DGR is manufactured entirely from 100% recycled plastics, sourced exclusively in the UK. Both 100% recycled AND 100% recyclable. The ideal, sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt or paving.

How can you use Kedel’s DGR?

It is a highly durable, environmentally-friendly alternative surface and can be used to excellent effect for permanent and overspill car parks, (see companion parking delineator product) stabilising verges, emergency vehicle access, golf buggy pathways, helicopter pad surfacing, cycle routes, private driveways, pathways, and as many other uses as you can invent where an area needs to remain solid for traffic of all kinds, while retaining an aesthetic appearance with grass, gravel or other covering.

Kedel’s Drainage and Ground Reinforcement system (DGR) will blend unobtrusively into parks, rural areas or heritage sites, unlike asphalt or block paving which stands out like a sore thumb.

Its has a simple, robust, lightweight, modular grid system, which makes it easy and quick to fit, allowing very substantial cost savings during installation.

Being manufactured entirely in Britain from 100% British recycled plastic, it will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of any site.


Kedel’s DGR retains the aesthetic appeal of grassed or gravelled areas and is ideal for landscaping solutions and much and more:

  • Construction sites
  • Green car parking areas
  • Private lanes and access roads including emergency access
  • Event Parking
  • Pathways and drives
  • Golf courses and Buggy Paths
  • Landscapes
  • Equestrian and livestock facilities
  • Green roof and rooftop gardens
  • River and road embankments
  • Towpaths
  • Embankment Stabilisation
  • Residential Driveways
  • Emergency Access Routes
  • Helicopter Landing Pads
  • Cycle Routes
  • Outdoor Events
  • Infiltration Basins
  • Road Extensions and Widening
  • Pedestrian Access Ways

Grid: 330mm x 330mm x 40mm 
Wall Thickness: 4mm 
Wall Depth: 40mm 
Weight: 4.14kg/m2 
Number of tiles per m2: 9 
Load: up to 250 tonnes/m2 
Axle Weight: Up to 16 tonnes 
m2 per pallet: 56m2 
Gross Weight per pallet: 260kg
Material: 100% recycled UV Stable Polyolefin from UK sources
Temperature Stability: - 50˚C to + 90˚C
Chemical Resistance: Sodium Chloride (rock salt), ammonia, acid rain, petroleum products, hydrocarbons 
Estimated Installation Time: 100m2 per person per hour (depending upon ground preparation) 
Base Specifications: Minimum base recommended: 250mm for Car Parking, 450mm for heavier vehicles
Packaging: 56 layers of 9 tiles = 56m2 
504 pieces per pallet 

(The click together tiles are pre-connected in a one m2 sheet 
- Loaded pallet 250kg approx) 

The weight load distribution performance of Kedel’s DGR Grids is subject solely to ground conditions, weight and type of vehicle or plant. Kedel Ltd always recommends that a site survey be carried out to determine weight loading and ground conditions. Kedel Ltd, its agents or employees are not liable for any damage to existing ground or property through the use of Kedel’s DGR Grids.

  • Quick and easy to install reducing on site costs
  • High strength, durable, lightweight
  • Up to 16 ton axle load
  • Hard standing with natural drainage
  • Provides water dispersion and SUDS
  • Proven connection system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Non-slip and crack proof
  • Weatherproof, frost/UV stable
  • Cut to size
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Non expanding
  • Prevents gravel migration & soil erosion
  • Low transport and handling costs
  • Semi or permanent reinforcement
  • Aesthetic - grass or gravel infill

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