Recycled Mixed Plastic Plank Boards 135 x 35mm

(£11.62 Inc. VAT)
(W)135 x (D)35 x (L)1400, (W)135 x (D)35 x (L)2000, (W)135 x (D)35 x (L)2800, (W)135 x (D)35 x (L)800
3.60 kg

Available in lengths 800mm - 2800m. Ideal Fencing Material.

Product Description


Recycled Plastic offers you a 25 Year Guarantee!

Recycled Plastic is an innovative new construction material that harnesses the rigidity and versatility of plastic. Made from a combination of Recycled HDPE and LDPE, which when melted down and extruded produce a plank that is dense and extremely robust. The density of the material is similar to that of some South American Hardwoods.

Ideal for Fencing and Post rail fencing. No adjustment is needed when construction when using recycled plastic. It works just like wood. However, as with wood, it's important to take into account expansion and construction: See our 'How to work with plastic lumber' for advice.

This is an excellent whole life value product that will save you money for years to come; eliminating the cost of maintenance and replacement completely.

Ideal for domestic and commercial application. Try Recycled Plastic Boards today!
Additional Information

Extra Information

(W)135 x (D)35 x (L)1400, (W)135 x (D)35 x (L)2000, (W)135 x (D)35 x (L)2800, (W)135 x (D)35 x (L)800
Key Advantages

Key Advantages

  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to clean - simply jet wash
  • Extremely Robust and Sturdy
  • Will not rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter
  • Excellent Whole Life Cost - Cheaper than wood in the long run
  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Impervious to water, frost, insects and mould
  • No toxic chemicals preservatives embedded
  • Eco-friendly - 100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable
Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Ductile technical specification for keel recycled mixed plastic lumber profile