Plastic Wood  Synthetic Wood  Recycled Plastic 50 x 25mm
Colour: BlackColour: MahoganyColour: Oak
Colour: WhiteColour: Anthracite GreyColour: Red
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Plastic Wood Synthetic Wood Recycled Plastic 50 x 25mm

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Our synthetic wood can be used for bench slats, studding and various other applications instead of wood. Especially useful in damp conditions or when exposed constantly to the elements. All our artificial wood planks are available in UV protected colours.

Note that as bench slats, as is the case with wooden equivalents, we recommend this profile only be used with a central metal strip connecting and reinforcing all the slats to distribute weight evenly.

SKU:  SYNWD00075


As with all our Synthetic Wood products, this 50 x 25mm plank is made from recycled crushed CD cases but has the look and feel of wood. From a distance, the differences in appearance are indistinguishable, but in terms of performance, they can't be more different.

Our artificial wood planks never rot, eliminates maintenance and replacement costs for labour and materials and has the highest level of UV protection for colour fastness with no cost of ownership..


See Cost Comparison Study Conducted by WRAP - Wood vs Recycled Plastic - no contest!

Over a 25 year period recycled plastic outperformed wood by a wide margin.

Extra Information

Dimensions  (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)1000mm, (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)1210mm, (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)1500mm, (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)2000mm, (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)2500mm, (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)3000mm
Weight  0.5kg
Colour  Black, Mahogany, Oak, White

Key Advantages

  • UV protected - Highest level against fading in direct sunlight
  • Looks like wood, behaves like plastic
  • Colourfast - No toxic chemicals embedded, unlike treated wood
  • Won't rot, warp, crack or splinter
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly - recycled and recyclable
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