Plastic Wood Synthetic Wood Recycled Plastic 60 x 30mm

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(W)60 x (D)30 x (L)1000mm, (W)60 x (D)30 x (L)2000mm, (W)60 x (D)30 x (L)2400mm, (W)60 x (D)30 x (L)3000mm,
Black, Mahogany, Oak, Red, White
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Suitable for making gallows brackets and similar applications. Available in White, Oak, Black, Mahogany and Red, and Lengths 1m - 3m. Does not rot, zero maintenance, UV protected colours.

Product Description


Chemical-free and Lasts Decades

This profile is often used for applications such as gallows brackets for porches.

Unlike preservative treated wood, Recycled Plastic contains no toxic chemical preservatives.

A 100% eco-friendly alternative to wood that will save you on the cost of maintenance and replacement.

As with all our synthetic wood and mix plastic products, it will not rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter.

Nor does it absorb any moisture and has the highest level of UV protection - keep it looking new for longer.

Easy to clean with normal household cleaning products. (Do not use solvents)

Samples of Synthetic Wood Available on Request

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Additional Information

Extra Information

(W)60 x (D)30 x (L)1000mm, (W)60 x (D)30 x (L)2000mm, (W)60 x (D)30 x (L)2400mm, (W)60 x (D)30 x (L)3000mm,
Black, Mahogany, Oak, Red, White
Key Advantages

Key Advantages

  • Will not rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter
  • Zero-maintenance
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Mould cannot adhere and is easy to remove
  • Impervious to Frost
  • Excellent whole life cost compared to wood
  • Graffiti easily removed - we advise WD40 and Ultra fine wire wool
  • Eco-friendly - Made entirely from CD cases and Lens cases
Technical Specification