Recycled Plastic Wood - 100 x 30mm

Recycled Plastic Wood - 100 x 30mm

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Use Recycled Plastic Wood 100 x 30mm can be used like our 100 x 40mm for window sill construction, door frames, picnic tables and benches and general building where the appearance and feel of wood is required. Also suitable for the Z - frame on back gates along with our tear drop T&G. Wood is great except for the maintenance issues. Our Plastic Wood looks like real wood but never rots, never needs paint or preservatives. Need we say more?
SKU:  SYNWD00086


Everyone Loves Wood

Yes! Me too. I love it, until I have to sand and paint another garden bench, replace the struts, or even replace the whole thing after only a few years of use. The rotting bench on the right is a typical specimen.

Often left in that condition for years, and it doesn't take long to get into that state. Even a year exposed to the elements and the damage will be visible.

Using our recycled plastic wood you get the great wood look and feel but without any painting or toxic preservative your bench will still look great for at least 25 years and most likely much more.

The problem with waste plastic is that it doesn't decompose and remains in landfill for decades.

But turning it into outdoor furniture like the plastic wood bench below, the fact that it doesn't rot is a big plus.

Our plastic wood is made from waste polystyrene used for plastic cups and plates used in the fast food industry and in packaging.

No one knows how long polystyrene takes to decay and the estimates scientists give us are in the 450 year range.

This is a problem if you have to dispose of waste plastic, however, it becomes a definite asset if you use the same waste plastic to make a beautiful garden bench or picnic table like ours on the left.

We need your help to recycle waste plastic. We need you to create a demand for recycled plastic products like these.

All you have to do is replace your wooden garden bench or raised bed, or planter with one made from our synthetic wood.

Or you can buy some synthetic wood and make something out of it yourself.

You will be helping to save the planet as well as saving yourself time and money in maintenance and replacement costs.

Extra Information

Shipping info  REDUCE YOUR DELIVERY COST. Have your lumber cut. 60p inc VAT per cut. Small orders in lengths up to 1.5 metres and weight total less than 30 kg will be cheaper than our standard delivery. Call 01282 861325 to check before ordering. We return calls same da
Weight  3.2kg
Size  (W)100 x (D)30 x (L)2000, (W)100 x (D)30 x (L)2100, (W)100 x (D)30 x (L)2500, (W)100 x (D)30 x (L)3000, (W)100 x (D)30 x (L)3600
Colour  Anthracite Grey, Black, Oak, Mahogany
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