Recycled PLastic Benches

​Recycled Plastic Benches – The zero maintenance alternative to rotting wood benches.

...Our recycled plastic benches are ideal for just about anywhere. A bench always looks great in parks, lawns, gardens, public spaces, waterfronts, you name it. They're 100% impervious to insects, water, frost, fungi and algae. They'll never need painting or staining and their colours are UV protected so they'll stay looking like new for decades. Our recycled plastic benches will never rot, or succumb to damage from the elements, so expect minimal to zero maintenance throughout their entire lifetime! Compared to a high maintenance wooden park bench, our recycled plastic alternatives offer a sleek, modern look that will never splinter. Order a brand new, environmentally friendly, self-sustaining recycled plastic garden bench for your park or public space.

treated tanalised wooden bench that has rotten over time recycled plastic bench that will never rot by kedel
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Recycled Mixed Plastic bench Legs
Recycled Mixed Plastic bench Legs


For a start, these maintenance free outdoor benches are not like PVC benches, which are prone to shattering and cracking; the materials that make up our design are not hollow, nor are they brittle. Our recycled plastic benches are tough, incredibly durable, and should last you a lifetime. 

Recycled plastic benches are popular with schools because our products will never splinter, making them safe for young children. Public parks are popular destinations too, thanks to our products being manufactured to withstand anything that the elements throw at them. The materials that comprise our products are entirely impervious to water, frost, algae, fungi, insects and are even resistant against graffiti, and the plastic they are comprised of is recycled and recyclable.


Recycled plastic is a wonderful material to use in furniture creation, particularly outdoor furniture. Not only is it incredibly long-lasting, but it is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. A long lasting product made of recycled materials that doesn't require replacement of brand new materials every few years makes it incredibly sustainable. For instance, if you were to go shopping for a traditional wooden bench, you might have it for a year or so before its life expectancy begins to decrease with rot, fungi, changing of the seasons, and exposure to the elements. 

On the other hand, if you were to instead select a piece of furniture made out of recycled plastic, not only are you choosing a more sustainable option, but you are investing in maintenance free outdoor benches that will last several times longer than a wooden or composite option. 


Purchasing our recyclable maintenance free outdoor benches is actively helping us combat the scourge that is plastic waste pollution. Our recycled plastic benches and our recycled plastic picnic tables, are made from household plastic waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill or the ocean. Once in the landfill, plastic can take decades to biodegrade. Further, it endangers the animals that might mistake it for food. Read more about plastic pollution on our blog.