Signs That Your Decking Needs Replacing

Sadly, your wooden decking won’t last forever. Whether it’s been a particularly bad winter or it’s simply been forgotten about in the garden, wooden decking generally needs yearly maintenance before complete replacement every 7 years.

But how can you tell when it’s ready to be replaced, and what are you meant to replace it with?

Following on from our DIY decking disaster blog post, today at Kedel, we’re sharing our top tips when it comes to replacing your decking, from the warning signs that it needs changing to how to replace it with eco-friendly recycled plastic decking.


The main tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your decking

  • Warped decking boards

  • Shrinkage of decking boards

  • Mould growth

  • Lack of stability

  • Unnecessary gaps 

  • Rotting joists

  • Eroded posts

  • Cracks, chips and loose pieces of wood

  • Consummation by algae


If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to replace your wooden decking or at least carry out some maintenance. 


Why it’s important to replace and repair your wooden decking frequently

Wooden decking commonly has many problems that start almost as soon as it's installed, including the likes of splitting/cracking and algae and bug infestations.

If the decking is left in bad shape for an extended period, it can become a hazard to users and an eyesore in its environment.

For example, a covering of algae over the decking can make the decking incredibly slippery and dangerous to walk on, while rot and breakage can make the decking unstable - potentially causing splinters and cuts to the skin.


Replacing your decking with recycled plastic 

When it’s time to replace your wooden decking, opt for recycled plastic decking from Kedel, rather than timber.

Recycled plastic decking has many benefits over timber, such as:

  • It requires 0 maintenance throughout its lifetime, whereas wood requires maintenance every year and replacing every 7 years
  • It’s resistant to algae, bugs and water, as well as vandalism 
  • It will never crack or splinter
  • It’s designed to last 50 years with or without maintenance, meaning it will never need to be replaced
  • It is much more sustainable and eco-friendly: It helps prevent trees from being unnecessarily chopped down for wood, as well as helps keep recyclable plastic out of landfills

How to replace your decking

Replacing your decking with Kedel recycled plastic decking is easy, and more simple to install than it is to install timber decking. 

First of all, you must plan your decking in advance. There’s a wide range of decking patterns and ideas to choose from when it comes to installation, so planning is the best way to ensure your decking is suitable for you and your home. Our deck material calculator is essential to make sure you purchase the right amount of decking.

Secondly, installing recycled plastic decking is easy! Simply follow our instructional video below:




Browse our full range of recycled plastic decking today at Kedel and find the perfect decking boards for you.

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